North Miami

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a North Miami area accident, you should consult with a skilled and experienced attorney. A professional lawyer can provide you with the legal support you need while you focus on your recovery and help you obtain a fair and fast settlement on your car accident claim.

There are a number of different factors that go into determining the severity of a car accident. They include the kinds of vehicles involved, the speed that the cars were traveling at, and other factors like weather and road conditions. Whether you were involved in a serious crash leading to severe injuries or a minor collision, our expert car accident attorneys can help you with your case. our experts assist clients from throughout the Miami area and handle a broad range of car accident lawsuits.

The Miami, Florida area often experiences rainy weather. As a result, it affects are environments and roadways. Whether or not they are experienced drivers, all users of the road will sooner or later find themselves in unfavorable situations. A car crash can be a very traumatizing and serious experience and even life-changing at times. We have extensive experience in handling auto accident cases and always aim to minimize a car accident’s long-term effects by helping to protect your future and by being compassionate at all times.

The Approach Taken By Our Car Accident Attorneys

All of the insurance companies and parties that are involved in your case will be asked by our attorney to cease all direct communications with you have you have had your initial meeting. All communications will need to be direct to our law firm. We will start an investigation at the appropriate time and gather all documents, property damage photos, police reports, and medical records.

Steps To Take Following Injuries From A North Miami Accident

If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact a lawyer right away. If the accident was caused by another party’s negligence, I can help handle your legal process for you while you focus on your recovery.

Any injuries that are suffered as a result of a car accident need to be examined carefully and treatment by a doctor or other medical professional. There are some injuries that might not manifest symptoms for several days or weeks. Therefore, if you are not properly diagnosed, then it can be very difficult or nearly impossible to receive fair compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

Auto Accident Attorney Helps You Obtain The Best Results

We provide the best legal representation in the North Miami area. Contact us to learn more about the importance of hiring an attorney to handle your case for you so you can focus on getting your life back on track following a car accident.

When working with our Miami auto accident lawyers, you can be sure they will pursue all legal avenues to ensure you obtain the fair and full recovery that you need and deserve. The foundation of our success is based on our extensive experience working on car accident cases. The practice and pattern of taking legal action that we have established dramatically increase the chance that you will receive complete, fair, and fast compensation for your injuries.


What You Need To Know About North Miami

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If you were in a car accident and injured in the North Miami area, contact us today @ (305)440-0447 to set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys.


1. Head east on NE 125th St toward NE 6th Ave. Continue for 66 ft.
2. Turn right onto NE 6th Ave. Continue for 322 ft.
3. Turn right onto NE 124th St. Drive for 0.1 mile.
4. Turn left onto W Dixie Hwy. Continue for 0.5 mile.
5. Turn right onto FL-924 W/NE 119th St. Continue for 1.0 mile.
6. Slight left. Continue for 0.3 mile.
7. Merge with I-95 S. Drive for 4.3 miles.
8. Keep left to stay on I-95 S. Drive for 1.8 miles.
9. Keep right to stay on I-95 S. Continue for 1.2 miles.
10. Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 2C for Miami Ave. Continue for 0.4 mile.
11. Keep right at the Y junction and merge with SW 3rd St. Drive for 210 ft.
12. Merge with SW 3rd St and continue for 0.1 mile.
13. Turn right onto SW 1st Ct. Drive for 0.1 mile.
14. Turn right onto SW 1st St. Continue for 230 ft.
15. Turn left onto SW 1st Ave. Continue for 305 ft.
16. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W Flagler St and continue for 436 ft. Our office will be on the right.