Car accidents are an everyday occurrence, even in Pinecrest FL. A serious one can damage more than a vehicle. It can end up causing devastating injuries or wrongful deaths.

Too many people from the Pinecrest area have experienced a car accident and far too many more fear that they may be in one. We all know that there is a possibility that we may experience an accident because of the number of reckless drivers, road hazards and distractions that abound out there. It is a sad fact that accidents occur every single day. The range of injuries goes from relatively extensive to fatal. This is tragic.

Victims from car accidents are left shocked, dazed, and stunned. It takes a second for an accident to happen causing a dreadful surprise that can traumatize people for years. Injuries can be immediate or take hours, days or even weeks to reveal themselves.

The number one cause of auto accidents in Pinecrest is driver negligence. This is a legal term that refers to a driver's failure to behave responsibly, drive safely or in accordance with the rules of the road.

Each driver on the road owes a responsibility and duty of care to all others on the road whether they be other drivers, pedestrians, passengers, bicyclists or bystanders. A driver that behaves in a negligent way breaches their duty of care and can be held accountable legally for any damage they cause especially when it is in an auto accident.

Car accidents are sometimes caused by people and circumstances other than drivers. Sometimes passengers cause auto accidents. Sometimes accidents are caused by pedestrians or by roadway hazards. Motor vehicle manufacturers are sometimes at fault for accidents and so are government institutions or businesses that create roadway obstructions.

No matter who is responsible for the accident, a victim must never bear the brunt of that responsibility. It was not their fault, and they need support to get the justice they deserve from the negligent party or entity that caused them their injuries. Accidents are more than simply costly in the financial sense. They can cost a family member or loved one a lot in terms of emotional distress and quality of life. Accidents can turn someone's life upside down and they can even be the cause of a loved one's death.

You deserve to be compensated for the losses you have suffered. The law cannot undo some of the harm caused to a victim of a serious accident, but it can help victims get the financial resources they need to resume their lives as best as possible.

Our law firm knows the challenges victims face after a car accident with injuries. Finding justice afterward is not easy, but we can help. With auto accident attorneys near Pinecrest, the path to justice is possible. Our attorneys are here to fight for justice for you and your loved ones no matter if the injuries were moderate, severe or deadly. Call us for a free consultation now.

About Pinecrest


The village of Pinecrest is home to nearly 20,000 people. This area of Miami-Dade County is beautiful, and you're certainly going to want to make your way to a park or two with your family. If it's not picnic time, you're going to want to know where to get a bite to eat, too. Here are three of the best restaurants in the area of Pinecrest FL.

It's pizza time at Apizza Brooklyn Resto + Vino. That's pizza, wine and more, and you can find this wonderful dining establishment at 9515 South Dixie Highway. How about some garlic rolls? Maybe you're after the pasta dishes, or perhaps you just have a family pizza night on your mind. You're going to love Apizza Brooklyn Resto + Vino.

Next up is Trattoria Luna, which is located at 9477 South Dixie Highway. This is a full scale Italian restaurant. Did someone say tiramisu? This dining establishment features a family style atmosphere, and it is well decorated. Expect huge portions, whether you order up the skirt steak with mushroom sauce, clam linguine or something completely different.

How about a French restaurant? Make your way to Atelier Monnier at 9563 South Dixie Highway. This French bakery and cafe is just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy an almond croissant, macaroons, a nice sandwich and much more. Are you up for some delicious food and wine pairings? If so, this is definitely the place.

You have the chance to visit a nice pizza place, an Italian restaurant and a French bakery and cafe. Pinecrest has it all, right? This village near South Miami is a great place to stay for vacation. It's also a great place to call home. Are you moving to the area, or are you just looking for the best places to eat as you're passing through? Make yourself at home in Pinecrest FL.

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1. Head south on SW 69th Ct toward SW 120th St/Montgomery Dr. Continue for 0.2 mile.
2. Turn right onto SW 120th St/Montgomery Dr. Continue for 0.2 mile.
3. Turn right onto SW 72nd Ave. Drive for 1.3 mile.
4. Turn left onto SW 100th St. Continue for 0.5 mile.
5. Merge with FL-826 N. Continue for 6.7 miles.
6. Use the right 3 lanes to take the FL-836 E exit. Continue for 1.1 mile.
7. Merge with FL-836. Drive for 6.7 miles.
8. Use the right 2 lanes to merge with I-95 S toward Downtown. Drive for 1.2 ,iles.
9. Use the right 3 lanes to take the FL-836 E exit. Continue for 1.1 mile.
10. Merge with FL-836. Continue for 6.7 miles.
11. Use the right 2 lanes to merge with I-95 S toward Downtown. Drive for 1.2 miles.
12. Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 2C for Miami Ave. Continue for 0.4 mile.
13. Keep right at the Y junction and merge with SW 3rd St. Continue for 210 ft.
14. Merge with SW 3rd St and continue for 0.1 mile.
15. Turn right onto SW 1st Ct. Drive for 0.1 mile.
16. Turn right onto SW 1st St. Continue for 230 ft.
17. Turn left onto SW 1st Ave. Continue for 305 ft.
18. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W Flagler St and continue for 436 ft. Our office will be on the right.