If you or someone that you love has sustained injuries as a direct result of getting into a car accident in the Sweetwater area of Miami Dade, you will want to find a reputable lawyer to assist. A lawyer will allow you to get the kind of assistance that you require in order to get a fair settlement for your sustained injuries.

There are multiple factors that can go into determining how serious your accident is ranging from the type of vehicles involved, the speed the vehicles met during impact, and specific road conditions. It really doesn’t matter how severe the collision is whether minor or severe, you want to get professional assistance with your case to give yourself the best chance to get fair compensation. Our team of professional lawyers helps various clients all over the Sweetwater in Miami-Dade handling all sorts of different vehicle accident claims.

Miami, FL is an area that experiences very frequent poor weather conditions. Therefore, the roads can become dangerous quickly and we are well aware of this. Regardless if you are dealing with experienced drivers on the road, poor weather and road conditions can make driving very dangerous. Vehicle accidents can be very serious and they can ultimately be life-altering depending on the severity. Because we are so experienced in providing legal counsel to these kinds of cases, we will be best suited to help minimize the negative long term implications of being in a car accident.

Our Approach To Accident Victims From Sweetwater

Everyone involved with the case will be required to cease all communication with you. Instead, they will be directed to contact and communicate with us after you agree to us representing you. At the point it is ideal, we will then begin an investigation to ensure that we are able to collect all of the information that we need to best represent you ranging from gathering photo evidence to police reports and even medical records.

What You Should Do After An Accident in Sweetwater FL

Immediately after getting into an auto accident, you should be looking to seek out professional representation. You want to be certain to seek legal counsel because if the accident was a direct result of the negligence of the other member involved, we will be able to handle the entire legal process.

Any injury that is sustained as a direct result of the car accident has to be properly documented and treated by a medical professional. Keep in mind, not all injuries will be exposed initially as symptoms can take days or weeks to surface. Therefore, if you are not thoroughly examined or diagnosed by a professional, you will have a difficult time getting the proper compensation for your injuries.

We Can Get The Best Results For Your Accident Case

We are capable of offering the best legal counsel for anyone in the Sweetwater area. You can contact us in order to discuss your case and to ensure that you are able to get the appropriate compensation to get your life back on track.

With our professional help, you will be able to be certain that you are able to get the compensation that you deserve. We have tremendous experience handling auto accident cases and we know what to do to ensure that our clients are properly represented to increase the chances of receiving the best compensation for your claims.

What You Need To Know About Sweetwater, FL


Sweetwater, FL is located about ten miles from Downtown Miami. This city is a suburb of Miami and it is a great place to raise a family. This suburb is diverse and it also has a lot of entertainment options.

If you are looking for lively Miami suburb, Sweetwater could be a great choice because there is a lot to do there. This city is packed with coffee shops and restaurants. You can walk to a lot of places and there is always something fun to do in this city.

It is a great area to live in if you like to go to the parks because there are lots of parks that are not far from the city. You can find a lot of interesting things to do and you are still close to Downtown Miami is it is easy to get there when you want to visit.

The housing market can be pricey but there are a ton of homes to choose from. Sweetwater has an urban feel that is very attractive. This city has a lot to offer and there are plenty of things to do there.

If you are looking for an attractive place to live that has a lot to offer you want to make sure that you choose Sweetwater. This city has a lot to offer. The school system is good as well which means you have a lot of different schools to choose from when you move to this area.

There are lots of activities to do in this neighborhood and it is going to be easy to do the things you want to do. If you are thinking about moving to Sweetwater you need to learn all you can about the neighborhood so you are ready to move there. This suburb is a great bargain.

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1. Head south on NW 111th Ave toward NW 112th Ave. Continue for 0.3 mile.
2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto NW 14th St. Continue for 0.4 mile.
3. Turn right onto NW 107th Ave. Drive for 0.5 mile.
4. Slight right to merge with FL-836 E toward Airport. Continue for 0.2 ft.
5. Merge with FL-836 E. Continue for 10.5 miles.
6. Use the right 2 lanes to merge with I-95 S toward Downtown. Continue for 1.2 miles.
7. Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 2C for Miami Ave. Drive for 0.4 mile.
8. Keep right at the Y junction and merge with SW 3rd St. Drive for 210 feet.
9. Merge with SW 3rd St. Continue for 0.1 mile.
10. Turn right onto SW 1st Ct. Drive for 0.1 mile.
11. Turn right onto SW 1st St. Continue for 230 ft.
12. Turn left onto SW 1st Ave. Continue for 305 ft.
13. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W Flagler St and continue for 436 ft. Our office will be on the right.