Miami Design District

What You Need To Know About Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is a famous neighborhood located in Miami in Florida. It is mainly a shopping, cultural and dining destination for tourists be it domestic or international. In the year 2000, the district was redeveloped. The project was overseen by Craig Robin’s, the president and CEO of Dacra. The neighborhood features more than 120 art galleries, creative services, architecture firms, showrooms, luxury fashion stores, eateries, bars and antique dealers.

Historically, it was originally found in Buena Vista and but now it is located to the south of Lemon City(little Haiti). It is the crossroads if many of Miami’s neighborhoods, artsy Wynwood is located to the south, Lemon City and Buena Vista are to the North. The wealthier upper East Side neighborhoods are located to the East. The district has been restored after decades of falling into despair, it is now an art, fashion and design destination. The district is home to some of the high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Prada. World renowned and award winning chefs like Michael Schwartz have restaurants in the district.


The area was once a pineapple farm, it was located in a neighborhood that was then referred as Buena Vista. The farm was owned by a man called T. V. Moore, he was also the one who built the historic Moore building in the 1920s. In the 1890s and early 1990s, the district had fallen into a state of disrepair and nobody bothered with it. It wasn’t until the late 1990s and early 2000 that people became more serious about art. Art and design stores began opening during this time and it has grown to what it has become today.

Craig Robins purchased many run down buildings, he started pursuing many top designers to start opening studios and showrooms in the area. In the 2000s, the area started to grow in popularity, many investors started channeling their funds in the district. Streets were redone and even trees were planted.


The population of the Miami Design District as per 2000 statistics showed there were 1, 116 people. The area zip code is 33127 and 33137. The area is 0.64km squared (0.249 square miles). The population of females was 594 and the males were 522 in number. Average age of men in the population was 26.2 years old and the average age of females was 25.4 years old. The population of English speakers, whether fluent or not was 20{9a7037f03e67070424ebfa24c6b70a6625901028f4c828bfd3350e868c4c798e}.


Places to visit while in The Miami Design District

If you are perusing the Miami Design District, you have to also check out The Art Experience located at 4514 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137. It is only a short 0.3 mile drive away from the central part of Design District. Just head north on NE 1st Ave and the place will be on your left. The map directions are:



When you leave The Art Experience , stop by the Film Studios Miami, located at 4151 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127. To get there, head south on NE 1st Ave to turn right or west onto NE 45th St, continue across N. Miami Ave for about 0.4 miles until you arrive at NW 2nd Ave to make a left (south). Go just about 0.1 miles and you will see the Film Studios Miami on the left. Here are the map directions:



Since, you fancy a day of art and talent, continue from here over to the Locust Projects

, located at 3852 N. Miami Ave Miami, FL 33127. you will arrive there in 0.4 miles if you start off heading south on NW 2nd Ave for about 0.2 miles where you should turn left onto NW 39th St. Then go about 0.3 miles to N. Miami Ave and turn right. In 95 ft you will arrive at the Locust Projects. See Map below:



From the Locust Projects

, it would be cool to see where many aspiring artists get their formal training at the Design and Architecture Senior High School, located at 4001 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137 . To get there, you will have a quick 0.5 mile drive by beginning south on N. Miami Ave for about 197 ft. Turn left on NE 38th St, continuing for roughly 0.3 miles where you will turn north (left) onto NE 2nd Ave for about 0.2 miles and the school will be there on the right. Here is a map of this:



Many of these students workout at the nearby fitness center know as DBC Fitness located at 3841 NE 2nd Ave #103 Miami, FL 33137. . Just head south on NE 2nd Ave for 0.1 miles then turn east (left) onto NE 39th St. See Map:



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1. Head west on NE 40th St. Continue for 0.1 mile.
2. Turn left onto N Miami Ave. Continue for 2.7 miles.
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4. Turn left onto SW 7th Ave. Drive for 367 ft.
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   Here are Map visuals:



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