Watson Island

Exploring Watson Island In Miami


Watson Island is one of the most impressive neighborhoods in Miami – and this is for a variety of reasons. The man-made island is located just east of downtown Miami and is accessed via the MacArthur Causeway. The fact that the Island only has a surface area of 0.280 square miles would lead one to expect that it would simply not have enough room to be one of Miami’s premier tourist destinations – nothing could be further from the truth. The Island is filled to the brim with attractions.

First of these must be the fabulous Jungle Island where visitors can experience a jungle setting complete with a vast array of endangered and rare species, from birdlife to large carnivores. It also boasts Miami’s only private beach, Parrot Cove which is renowned for its magnificent views.

The Island is also renowned for the ‘Ichimura Miami – Japanese Garden’ which was established in 1961 due to the efforts of Kiyoshi Ichimura who enlisted the help of artisans from Tokyo to provide an authentic Japanese Garden experience for local residents and visitors to Miami.

The Island also plays host to the Miami Children’s Museum – a 56,500-square-foot attraction which has galleries, classrooms, birthday party spaces, a great auditorium and gift shop, as well as dining facilities.

The Miami Yacht Club and the Miami Outboard Club both have their headquarters on Watson Island.

The development of the Island continues, with some exciting plans for the future in the pipeline. A new seaplane base is planned for the Island (with numerous attractions such as an on-site restaurant). Future attractions also include the planned Superyacht Marina. The Marina would be within easy walking distance of the renowned restaurant and event venue ‘The Deck at Island Gardens’. The views over Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay from the restaurant are spectacular. A visit to this fabulous eatery should be on the agenda for everyone who visits Miami. From offerings such as world-class caviar and dishes like the ‘Tower of Tartare’ and the Cobia Sashimi, everything available to guests is simply sophisticated indulgence. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy a sundowner cocktail with magnificent creations such as the ‘Scarlet Macaw’ (Tequila, lime juice, hibiscus syrup, soda water mixed and served in a cocktail glass rimmed by salt and a lime wheel) begging to be explored.

If you are in Miami set aside some time to explore the wonders of Watson Island – you’ll be glad you did.

Things To Do While on Watson Island

Local Attractions on Watson Island should be explored to appreciate this gem of Miami.

To get to Watson Island from the mainland Downtown Miami , get on Interstate 95 North for about 0.7 miles. Take exit 2D to get on MacArthur Causeway. Drive for 2.9 miles to the central part of Watson Island. See Map below:



First let’s start off with Jungle Island, located at 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132 to the Ichimura Miami Japan Garden which is only about 0.2 miles away located at 1101 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132 . To get there head south on a private road for 0.2 miles to turn right on Parrot Jungle Trail. The Ichimura Miami Japan Garden will be on your right. See Map:



From the Ichimura Miami Japan Garden, let’s proceed to check out the Miami Children’s Museum, located at 980 Mac Arthur Causeway Miami, FL 33132. Start off driving west on Parrot Jungle Trail for 0.7 miles making a u-turn under the MacArthur Causeway where you come up to the Miami Children’s Museum on the right. See Map below:



To get from the Miami Children’s Museum on nearby Watson Island to our office where we serve car accident victims within Miami-Dade county at 28 W. Flagler St. #1200-C , Miami, FL 33130. To get to our office

1. Head north toward Parrot Jungle Trail. Continue for 0.1 mile.
2. Continue onto Parrot Jungle Trail. Continue for 0.7 mile.
3. Turn right onto the ramp to I-95. Drive for 0.1 mile.
4. Merge with MacArthur Causeway. Drive for 1.0 mile.
5. Continue onto I-395 W. Drive for 0.9 mile.
6. Use the left lane to take exit 1A to merge with I-95 S. Continue for 1.2 miles.
7. Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 2C for Miami Ave. Continue for 0.4 mile.
8. Keep right at the Y junction and merge with SW 3rd St. Continue for 210 ft.
9. Merge with SW 3rd St. Drive for 0.1 mile.
10. Turn right onto SW 1st Ct. Drive for 0.1 mile.
11. Turn right onto SW 1st St. Continue for 230 ft.
12. Turn left onto SW 1st Ave. Continue for 305 ft.
13. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W Flagler St and continue for 436 ft. Our office will be on the right

 See map here:


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