What’s Happening in Wynwood Design District?

Wynwood is a popular neighborhood found in Miami, Florida, it us best renowned for its artwork, entertainment district, dance venues and stylish clothing stores, restaurants, a few breweries and many other retail options. It was formerly an industrious district, but it has evolved over time, the area is full of murals that cover the walls of many buildings in the neighborhood. Located adjacent to Edgewater and North of Downtown Miami and Overtown. It has two major districts, the art district which is located in the north and the fashion district which is located along 5th west avenues.

Throughout history, it has been known by many names, it was long referred to as little San Juan. It was also known as El Barrio, this was a result of the many Puerto Ricans who were migrating into miami from their island. Many businesses in Wynwood have a Puerto Rican relation, many restaurants, shops, markets and other retail business are owned by the many Puerto Ricans who migrated into the neighborhood.

Since the early 2000s, there has been a notable increase in investments as many investors turned their attention into the neighborhood. This has expanded the scope of the region.

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Art District

The art district is a sub district in the neighborhood, the area contains various galleries, private art collections and large murals on the walls. It is centered around Wynwood Walls. This was a genius idea by an urban developer Tony Goldman. His idea was to use the warehouses as works of art. The walls have been cited as tourist attraction that attracts many into the neighborhood. The Walls are curated by the Goldman Global arts, this company has an art gallery in the art sub district.

Fashion District

The fashion district in Miami is located in the neighborhood. It features a great part of the neighborhood and it is well renowned. The primary area of the art district is along Northwest Fifth Avenue, a lot of many retailers and distributors have set up camp.

Technology District

The neighborhood features a tech district. It is called the LAB Miami. This is a hub for startup innovations. Wynwood is also a boot camp that teaches people coding. It has helped educate a lot of people and employees in Miami.

The neighborhood has been home to various art galleries, fashion houses, artist studios and clothing wholesalers. Art and fashion have made the neighborhood flourish and become well known. They are also the driving force of the economy.

Local Things to do in and around Wynwood

To begin, you gotta check out The Shops at Midtown Miami located at 3401 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127. There are tons of shops and quaint little restaurants in this boutique outdoor style mall. If you don’t eat here, you should check out Denny’s for breakfast located at 3600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137. To get there from The Shops , head East on NW 34th ST to turn left (north) onto NE 1st Ave. Go about 0.2 miles to NE 36th St and turn right, then proceed another 0.2 miles to Biscayne Blvd where you will turn left and Denny’s is there immediately on your left. See map Directions below:

After you complete breakfast at Denny’s , take a brisk drive to Roberto Clemente Park located 101 NW 34th St, Miami, FL 33127 to utilize the ball fields or basketball courts and community center. To fastest way to get there is to take NE 36th St west for about 0.6 miles to NE 2nd Ave where you turn left, proceed about 0.2 miles and then turn left onto NW 34th St. The park will be on the left. See Map here:

After you finish working out in Roberto Clemente Park, you should head over to Miami Design District, which is located around the intersection of NE 40th St and NE 1st Ave to appreciate it for its sleek modern architecture, upscale interior design stores and art galleries. It’s only about 0.8 miles away by car and if you initially head east on NW 34th ST turning left at NW 1st Ave, you will continue north about 0.4 miles to NW 41st St. There you will turn right and head roughly 0.3 miles to NE 1st Ave and then hang a right which will put you about 1 block north of the center of the Miami Design District.

Check out this Map below:

To full appreciate all that Wynwood has to offer, you should head over to the Wynwood Walls, located at 2520 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33127 to see the beautiful & colorful wall murals created by some of Miami’s most talented artists. To get there from the Miami Design District , taking the fastest route, head back north on NE 1st Ave to turn left onto NE 41st St. Proceed about 0.4 miles to NW 2nd Ave where you should make another left and then drive 0.9 miles to find Wynwood Walls on your right. See this Map:

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1. Head south on NW 2nd Ave toward NW 29th St. Continue for 108 ft.
2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto NW 29th St. Continue for 0.2 mile.
3. Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto N Miami Ave. Drive for 2.1 miles.
4. Turn right onto W Flagler St. Drive for 217 ft. Our office will be on the left.

Just follow Map directions here:

After you get your Art fantasy satisfied, you can learn more about fashion in the Miami Design District